How do you sell houses with staging?

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An Overview of Real Estate Staging

So you have made the decision to put your house on the market. Congratulations on your decision. Now you are charged with the challenge of getting it sold as soon as possible, because as any realtor will tell you, the longer any house sits on the market, the less it is likely to sell for asking price. One of the most important things you should do to get your house sold fast for the most amount of money is to hire a real estate staging company.

What is Real Estate Staging?

Real estate staging is the process of furnishing and decorating a residence in a way to make it look more appealing to buyers. By staging a property with neutral and attractive furniture and decorations, it allows potential buyers to walk into the house and see it as their future home. Staging is a great way to highlight the best features of any house, while also helping to hide any potential drawbacks. Just about any real estate agent with experience knows how much easier it is to sell houses with staging.

What is the Cost of Real Estate Staging?

On average most home sellers will spend roughly $1,800 to have a house staged. Although, that cost can go up or down depending on the size of the house and the quality of the furnishings being used. However, because having a property staged can help to increase the potential value of the house and attract more buyers, it is easy to argue that staging often pays for itself. Another thing to consider is to ask your Realtor if they would be willing to chip in towards the cost of having the house staged as they stand to make more money if the house sells for more than the asking price.

How to Hire a Real Estate Staging Company

If you decide that you are willing to make the investment in staging, the internet will likely be a great way to start your search for a real estate staging company. Be sure before hiring a company to compare their pricing and research their reputation online. An alternative to the internet would be to ask your Realtor if they have anyone that they would recommend to stage your home. Usually, an experienced Realtor will have a list of preferred vendors that they have worked with in the past and have proven themselves to be worthy of their client’s employment.

If you are interested in staging your house you can also stage it yourself with your own furnishings and décor items. Remember, it is important that potential buyers are able to view your house and be able to see themselves living in it one day. Therefore, it is best to keep everything neutral. For example, it is best to remove any personal items or pictures of the family because that will make a potential buyer feel more like they are in your home rather than their future home. It is best that the furniture and paint pallet is also kept neutral so as to eliminate the potential to alienate any buyer with alternative tastes. Unfortunately, some buyers just cannot see past an bold paint color or funky furniture and will not make an offer based on it. When in doubt, it is best to go with a professional. It is almost always easier o sell houses with staging than it is to sell houses without staging.

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